Kohler K-6489 Whitehaven Sink – 7 Essentials

  • Kohler K-6489 Whitehaven cast iron kitchen sinkThe largest, heaviest and most capacious sink from Whitehaven collection – fits 36 inch cabinets
  • Made of cast iron – practically indestructible. Can take rough handling.
  • Silent. Dampens not only the sound of water but also the sound of waste disposal
  • Self trimming apron front – needs only a rough cut
  • Apron front protects cabinetry from water
  • Very heavy, close to 150 pounds. May need help to move around and install. Will be too heavy for delicate cabinetry.
  • Not affordable for all budgets


Kohler K-6489 Whitehaven gives a very substantial feel. It looks impressive with its large tall apron front. Water drops that may run over the edge of the sink won’t land on the cabinet doors. They will fall down to the floor instead.

Being made from cast iron, the sink can take rough handling. It won’t get scratches or dints.

Other Kohler Whitehaven 36 Inch Sinks

KOHLER K--6488 Whitehaven Cast Iron Apron SinkKohler K-6488 is the short apron model of 36 inch Whitehaven collection sinks. It still protects the cabinets but allows for higher door and better utilization of the space under the sink.


Kohler K-6427 Whitehaven Cast Iron Apron SinkA very interesting model of Whitehaven sinks is K-6427. Due to its smart divideĀ® feature, it is like a single and double sink at the same time. You can easily accommodate your large cookie sheets, easily move items from one pot to the other, and you can also easily turn the faucet from one bowl to the other without splashes going all about when the stream hits the divider wall. I think this is one of the most outstanding kitchen sinks ever.

Kohler Whitehaven Hayridge, 36 Inch, Tall ApronWhitehaven Hayridge sinks come with nature inspired textural pattern on the apron front. It makes the sink look “warmer” combining traditional and contemporary elements. Otherwise, K-6351 Whitehaven Hayridge has the same description as K-6489 featured at the top of this page.


Kohler Whitehaven Hayridge Double, 36 InchK-6349 Whitehaven Hayridge uses SmartDivideĀ® feature that allows it to be a single sink and a double sink at the same time. Otherwise, it is similar to K-6351 model that is also described here.


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