36 Inch White Farmhouse Sink

White is the most widespread and cost efficient finish for the farmhouse sinks. It is usually cast iron or fireclay sinks that can be white. Here you can seeĀ  some of the best models of white 36 inch farmhouse sinks:

36 Inch White Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink

KOHLER K-6489-0 Whitehaven

This Kohler Whitehaven sink is strong, scratch and damage resistant. It is also beautiful and quiet, and will muffle even the waste disposal sound.

But it is very heavy – 150 lbs. It is also quite expensive. But Kohler Whitehaven cast iron sink has a potential to serve you longer than any other sink.

Other White 36 Inch Sink Models

Whitehaven collection cares for the most refined tastes. It offers not only a choice of some 18 different finishes but also the best suited configuration of the sink. The sinks below here are very similar to the featured K-6489. But they have also differences.

Kohler K-6488-o is a 36 inch white farmhouse sink with a shorter apron than K-6489-o model. This saves you some cabinet space. The sink is also for that part lighter weight.

Kohle K-6417-o is a double sink. As all the other models here it is made for a 36 inch standard cabinet. You may notice that the divider in this sink is lower than usual. It allows you to utilize the full length of the sink should you be dealing with larger size pans or cookie sheets. Smart Divide is a nice solution for those who reject double sinks exceptionally for the reason of losing the advantage of the full width.

All Whitehaven farmhouse sinks come with a self trimming apron which means that it will cover up all the roughness of the cut in the cabinet.

36 Inch White Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Fireclay is different than creamic. It is extremely durable material able to resist high temperatures, chemicals and abrasions. In many aspects fireclay sinks can compete with the cast iron ones. They tend to be more expensive because usually they are hand crafted.

Single bowl white 36 inch fireclay sinks

Double bowl white 36 inch fireclay sinks