Premier 120161LF Sonoma Lead-Free Kitchen Faucet Pluses And Minuses

Premier 120161LF Sonoma Lead-Free Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet has generous user reviews on Amazon marketplace. It might be one of those pull-out kitchen faucets that offer the best value for the price. You can read a lot of user reviews, see ratings and even today’s deal offers on the product page of Premier 120161LF Sonoma faucet.

The main positives:

  • Great contemporary design that will look good with most sinks and surrounding decors
  • Solidly made metal body (except the sprayer which is plastic)
  • Long retractable pull-out hose, 48 inches
  • Two function sprayer
  • 2.2 gpm flow rate
  • Lower price than other similar quality faucets


There are no typical minuses reported. Only individual faucets have had some technical problems But I still think you should know a few things if you are interested in Premier 120161LF Sonoma faucet.

The sprayer is made of plastic. There are reviews that maintain that the brushed nickel version of this faucet comes with metal sprayer. That is not true. All sprayers are made from high quality plastic. That’s a security measure. If the sprayer were metal, it would turn really hot when using the hot water, so the user might burn their hands. I can’t account for 100% of pull-out or pull-down faucets, but all the faucets that I have researched come with plastic sprayers, even the most solid ones. But usually they are so well made that the users can’t even tell them from metal.

If you want to use the full generous length of the pull-out hose and pull the sprayer over the counter-top, you will need to use the handle to switch the water off because there is no button available directly on the sprayer that would pause the water while you’re moving the sprayer. I don’t know how important that function is for you, but some users praise highly faucets where the pause button is available directly on the sprayer.

Premier 120161LF Sonoma Finishes

Premium Sonoma faucet is available in two finishes: Brushed Nickel and Chrome.

Both faucets are made of metal (brass), including the handle. Whereas the sprayer assembly is made of high quality plastic.

Premier Soap Dispensers

These soap dispensers will coordinate with Sonoma faucets:

Brushed nickel soap dispensers

Chrome soap dispensers

It can also be a good idea to install the soap dispenser on a sink with 4 holes. If you’re installing the faucet on a sink with 4 holes, you can use the deck plate to cover two of them. But to get use from the 4th hole, the soap dispenser might help.

Main Measurements

  • Height: 8 5/8″ if the optional deck plate is used, 8 1/8″ without the deck plate.
  • Spout reach: 10 1/2″
  • Length of pull-out hose: 48″

You can download the specifications list from Premier site

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