Touchless Kitchen Faucets Moen With Motionsense Technology

Some of the popular kitchen faucets with hands-free operation are manufactured by Moen. Those faucets are equipped with Motionsense technology.

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 Difference between Arbor and Brantford faucets

 Basically, Moen Arbor is a transitional style faucet while Brantford is interesting with its traditional design. Both faucets work in the same manner.


Moen Motionsense faucets are equipped with two sensors – motion and proximity.
The motion sensor is located on the top. The faucet turns on and off if you wave your hand over it.
The proximity sensor is located on the front. It will keep the water turned on while you hold a vessel under the faucet and turn it off when you take it away. That’s ideal for water saving purpose.

Good to know things

One thing you should know, the water temperature for the hands-free mode cannot be adjusted with the handle. That’s somewhat counter intuitive, and requires some getting used to. The temperature is adjusted on a panel that is usually installed under the sink.
Another important thing to know is the power source. For Moen Motionsense faucets the default power source is a battery pack of 6 AA size batteries. But there is also the option to use AC power. Only the adapter is not shipped with the faucet. It needs to be purchased separately.