Pull-Down VS Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Pull-Down kitchen faucets are generally the ones with high arch goose-neck where you pull the sprayer downward when you detach it from the faucet body. Whereas Pull-Down kitchen faucets are those in which the sprayer moves horizontally or even a little upward when you detach it from the faucet body.

Delta Leland would be a typical Pull-Down faucet with magnetic sprayer docking.

Kraus KPF-2250 is a typical Pull-Out kitchen faucet

Terminology May Not Be Consistently Observed

In some sources like product descriptions, sales pages, reviews or references, this terminology may not be consistently observed. The faucets that are in fact Pull-Down, may be called Pull-Out and vice versa. The best way to determine that may be consulting an image depicting the particular faucet.

Magnetic docking

In Pull-Down faucets, it is technically more difficult to ensure precise sprayer docking because the movement of the sprayer “home” is typically upward. It has proved that magnets if used in the spray head and spout dock can be very efficient for this task. In Pull-Out faucets, the sprayer docking can be more gravitation assisted. For a precise docking, it is normally enough then with the weight attached to the pull-out hose.

Space Above The Counter Top

Typically, pull-down faucets are bigger than pull-out ones. Pull-down faucet will look good and work well in a kitchen where there is enough space. In smaller kitchens or in situations where the space over the sink is restricted due to sloping surfaces or some object, pull-out faucet can be a better option.

Pull-down faucets work better with a deeper sink. They are high and, in a smaller sink, there can be splashes going over the counter-top. If you have a small sink and don’t plan to change it to a larger one, then probably a pull-out faucet with work for you much better than a pull-down one.

Pull-Down Faucets Can Be Advanced

Pull-Down kitchen faucets may be available with advanced features. You will find less of that in pull-out models.

There are faucets with hands-free operation. They are often called touchless.

Delta Faucets produce pull-down faucets with touch technology. You toggle those faucets on and off with a touch of your hand. Yes, Delta Faucets make also pull-out faucets with their touch2o technology. But they are much less common than the high arch pull-down faucets.

Some pull-down faucets, especially Delta Faucets, can have a matching bar and lavatory faucet, and a number of matching accessories.

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