Kohler Sensate kitchen faucet with motion sensor – main features at a glance

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet is a well known hands free faucet.

Main features at a glance

Main pluses:

  1. Reliable sensor technology Responseā„¢
  2. Smart location of the sensor – so that it fires when you move an object under the faucet
  3. Handle can be used to adjust temperature and pressure even in hands-free mode
  4. Magnetic sprayer docking
  5. AC power
  6. Easy to clean surface
  7. Great user ratings and satisfaction

Main minuses:

  1. Relatively high price – lower priced hands-free faucets
  2. Battery power not offered as an option
  3. Position of the handle can’t be changed, it’s on the right side of the faucet.

Presentation of Sensate faucet by Kohler

This presentation will give you more idea of the look and feel of Sensate faucet.

User video

A video presentation-tutorial without words that gives versatile information about Kohler Sensate hands free kitchen faucet

Other considerations


Sensate faucet is available in these finishes:

Vibrant Stainless (the most popular, but also the most expensive one), Polished Chrome, Vibrant Stainless with black accents and Polished Chrome with black accents.

The sprayer works in two modes – spray and stream. You can switch them with a button that is located directly on the sprayer. The pull-down hose is soft nylon that, in combination with the ball joint, makes it easy to handle.

User feedback

This faucet has earned high 4.5 star user rating on Amazon product page, out of more than 70 votes. The price is a little high, but the positive feedback proves that that’s a good investment.

More information

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About Responseā„¢ sensor system used in Kohler hands-free faucets read here.

Visit manufacturer’s page of Kohler Sensate or download from there pdf with dimensions and measurements.