Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

Delta Essa 9113T series faucets are touch sensitive. Touch2O technology allows you to operate the faucet by simply touching it somewhere on the faucet body or handle. By a touch, you turn it on, and when you touch again, it will turn off.

Some people find this functionality convenient.

You can also operate this faucet with the handle.

The touch sensitive faucet will also turn off automatically after a few minutes of idle run. If there are young children who often leave the faucet running, this can be helpful.

I personally am not a big fan of sophisticated technology. I prefer plain and simple things. For me, the simple version of Delta Essa would be plenty. But I feel that many people love the touch on/touch off feature.

Some of the advantages of having a touch sensitive kitchen faucet would be these:

  1. Easier to turn on or off with messy hands
  2.  Young children less often leave the faucet running, and, even if they do, the faucet will turn off after some time.
  3. Adds some fun to the kitchen life

It is often maintained by faucet manufacturers and retailers that, with this type of faucet, less germs will be spread. But what sounds like an advantage at the first glance may be in fact disadvantage. It has been found that too clean environments can damage immunity and cause allergies. So I would not consider germ control as one of the real pros. But the cleaner operation when your hands are messy, that may feel good.

With this faucet, younger children learn earlier to help themselves to a glass of water. Parents often like it. And it is good while used wisely. The drawback might be learning less when there is less to learn.

Touch faucets are more expensive than plain faucets. But that would not keep me from having one if I wanted to. Only, as I said earlier, I am quite conservative and a lover of simple things.

But if you feel that small “seasoning” speaks to you, then Delta Essa faucet is a good way to go. It has great user ratings and feedback. It will look good in most contemporary or transitional kitchens.