Delta 19959-SBSD-DST Fuse Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With EZ Anchor

Delta Fuse Kitchen Faucet With EZ Anchor™ Installation

Accents in unexpected places and unusual look for a kitchen faucet characterizes Delta Fuse one handle pull-down kitchen faucet. Fuse is one of the few kitchen faucets that come with EZ Anchor™ installation solution.

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EZ Anchor™ Solution

EZ Anchor™ is a special arrangement for very easy installation. This feature takes out of the installation process the need for the plumber to get down on their back to tighten the nuts under the desk. All the installation can be done from above.

But that’s not all. This EZ Anchor™ is also tight and safe installation. It will keep the faucet sitting firmly where it was once installed, without loosening with years.

On the other hand, if it happens that you need to remove the faucet, that too can be done in a very easy manner. All things again can be done without crouching under the sink.

But if you want more details about this and other smart solutions developed by Delta Faucets, you can visit their  Smart Solutions section . You can even watch a video showing you how the installation with EZ Anchor™ is being done.


Delta Fuse kitchen faucet is available in these finishes:

Stainless and Cracked Pepper

Stainless and Chili Pepper

Stainless and White

Delta 19959-SBSD-DST Fuse Kitchen Faucet Features

– Mounting assembly EZ Anchor™ makes it possible to install the faucet from above the sink. And not only does it make the installation incredibly easy, but also provides a more secure fit that won’t loosen as the time goes. So you may be sure not to notice having the faucet since we most of all notice it when it becomes wobbly.

– MagnaTite® docking system uses powerful magnets built in the sprayer and the dock. It makes the docking of the sprayer very precise and accurate.

– DIAMOND™ SEAL technology uses hard ceramic discs in the valve, that are coated with thin layer of diamond. That makes the faucet ready for 5 million on and off cycles. How many lives do you need to live to turn the faucet on and off one hundred thousand times? But that’s 5 million!

– TouchClean feature allows you to clean the spray holes from hard water build up with just a touch of a finger. The nipples are coated with special soft rubber material that allows to wipe away easily all calcium and lime build-up.

– The Fuse faucet can be installed in one or three holes. For three hole installation, an escutcheon can be ordered separately.