Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet – Pluses and Minuses

Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Frequent bestseller over long period of time.

The main positives

  • Timeless design with modern functionality
  • Precise docking with powerful inbuilt magnets
  • Diamond coated valves for reliable seal for the life of the faucet
  • Large selection of matching accessories
  • Now available also with touch sensors
  • Great customer feedback

Things to be aware of

  • The faucet is really high – 14 7/8 inches over the surface
  • No pause button on the sprayer

User feedback, ratings, today’s price on Amazon product page…

About the touch sensitive version, read here…

User Feedback On Delta Leland

I have now watched Delta Leland kitchen faucet on Amazon best selling kitchen faucet list. I am surprised how stable its position is with the top ten kitchen faucet models, and how often it turns out to be the top bestseller in kitchen faucet category. This faucet also proudly holds the nearly full 5 star rating out of more than 800 user votes. These things impress me and make me believe that Delta Leland is one of the all time most successful kitchen faucets.

At a glance

The shape of Delta Leland kitchen faucet has that hint of a retro teapot, but it harmonizes readily with nearly all kitchen decors. It is large – 14 7/8 inches high with spout reach 9 1/8 inches. You will have to make sure you have enough space for it to be installed and operated without hinders.

One of the favorite features is the magnetic sprayer dock. There are strong magnets built in the spout and the sprayer itself. They keep the sprayer perfectly in place when not in use. The sprayer can be detached with a gentle tug or by turning slightly to the point where the magnets start repelling. The second one might be the most sparing approach.

That magnetic catch, you may think, what’s the big deal about that? Might be something you could easily do without. But read user feedback on this Delta Leland faucet, and I see that a lot of people mention this feature and praise it. I think it feels different when the return of the sprayer to its dock is finalized with the click.

More on this feature called MagnaTite® Docking you can read here.

But no less important than that is the substantial make of this faucet, ease of use and being leek proof with it’s Diamond™Seal technology. Diamond™Seal is a valve technology that uses a thin diamond layer embedded on the surface of the valves. This makes the valves even more wear proof.

About Diamond™Seal, you can read more here.


Delta Leland kitchen faucet is available in these finishes.

Out of these finishes, Artic Stainless is the most popular. It will suit most kitchen environments and look elegant on most sinks and counter tops. Chrome is popular because its price is the lowest. But I personally feel that, in many situations, Chrome may not look as beautiful as Arctic Stainless or Venetian Bronze, and it may need more careful coordination with the sink, counter top, splashback and other surrounding things.

MagnaTite® Video

Watch this short video presentation by Delta Faucets on how MagnaTite® docking works. This feature is present also in Delta Leland kitchen faucets.

Delta Leland video presentation

This video presentation by Delta Faucet will give you a better idea of the look and feel. It features the touch sensitive version which is also available.

User feedback, ratings, today’s price on Amazon product page…