Delta Collins Kitchen Faucet – Models and Finishes

One of the most popular basic kitchen faucets is Delta Collins. These faucets are very straight forward without sensor technology or even the popular pull-out/pull-down feature. They are pretty simple, but still equipped with some interesting features. Collins faucets are available in Chrome, Stainless or White finishes.

Collins faucets are available as a single faucet for one hole installation, a faucet with escutcheon plate for installation over three holes,  a faucet with side sprayer for two hole installation,  and a faucet with integrated side sprayer for three hole installation and a faucet with escutcheon and side sprayer for four hole installation.

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Single faucet for one hole installation

This model comes without sprayer. It needs only one hole for installation.

Single faucet for three holes

Single faucet with escutcheon for covering two unused holes. There is no sprayer. This faucet is the right one if you already have three installation holes in your sink or counter top.

Faucet with sprayer for installation over three holes

It is called Integral spray. The sprayer is docked in one of the holes that the escutcheon covers. This is the right choice when the sprayer is planned, and the number of available holes is 3.

Faucet with sprayer to be installed in two holes

Faucet and sprayer that will need two holes for installation.

Faucet and sprayer for installation over 4 holes

Finally, a faucet that can be installed when there are 4 installation holes in the sink or countertop.

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