Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser Faucet And Tank

This Waste King H711-U-SN combo unit can make a big difference for a kitchen. It is relatively easy to install, and, once there, it will be convenient to use.

The faucet comes in satin nickel finish, which is rather neutral and goes well together with the different stainless steel tints that are found in kitchen faucets and accessories. “Satin nickel” will be also the closest choice to coordinate with other colors.

The Waste King combo unit is quiet, and warms up the water quickly. The H711-U model is an improved H710-U which was a constant Amazon bestseller in kitchen fixtures section.

Coronado faucet and tank unit has mainly positive user feedback, most often pointing out its quick and quiet operation. Also the simple installation has been mentioned more than once.

Main Strengths

  1. Ability to produce around 60 cups of hot water (140-190 degrees F) per hour
  2. Lower price than other models of that capacity in combination with proved reliable operation.

Potential Problems

  1. This unit promises the highest temperature 190 degrees F. It is just a little bit lower than similar units. There are hot water units that promise 200 degrees F. The difference is not that big, but you still can feel it if you compare.
  2. Some people report sputtering when set to higher end in the temperature scale. The faucet is equipped with an open vent system, which will reduce the pressure. When the water is very hot, it may start giving out some sound even though otherwise it is a quiet machine.

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Waste King H711-U-SN vs Waste King H711-U-CH which is practically the same unit with the only difference of the faucet being in chrome. As a rule, the chrome version is available at significantly lower price.