Waste King H711-U-CH Coronado Hot Water Dispenser Faucet And Tank

Waste King Coronado hot water dispenser can make a big difference to your kitchen. However, this Waste King H711-U-CH combo unit is somewhat less popular than Waste King H711-U-SN. The faucet comes in chrome finish, and that is less likely to blend with other kitchen items unless they are chrome, too.

The Waste King combo unit is quiet, and warms up the water quickly. The H711-U model is an improved H710-U which was a constant Amazon bestseller in kitchen fixtures section.

Coronado faucet and tank unit has mainly positive user feedback, most often pointing out its quick and quiet operation. Also the simple installation has been mentioned more than once.

Problems With Waste King H711-U-CH

People complain about pure or even contradicting installation instructions.

I found interesting the view of C.Bayne, who commented on this Waste King unit like this:

This works wonderfully! It was a royal pain to install, almost knocking it down to 4 stars. But since the hot water heater part of it is really worth 6-7 stars, I gave it the full 5

As the drawback, people report some sputtering when set to higher end in the temperature scale. The faucet is equipped with an open vent system, which will reduce the pressure. When the water is very hot, its function may become too noticeable.

In rare cases, some smell reported from the tank or the water.


With all the problems, Waste King H711-U-CH still remains a good choice, especially when you need to coordinate it with your existing chrome items in the kitchen.

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