Waste King H710-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Faucet With Tank

  • The only system that is known to last for years

Waste King H710-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser
Waste King Coronado is the only set of hot water tank plus faucet that we can recommend with confidence. We searched the available technical documentation, user manuals and customer feedback.

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Waste King Coronado hot water dispenser stands the trial of time while many other popular models have much shorter life.

Excerpts from Amazon customer feedback:

There is always plenty of steaming hot water available whenever I need it. I love it!

The Waste King is better looking, get water hotter and has used much less energy (than similar faucets from other manufacturers). Highly recommended.

Cannot live without this product. Love having instant hot water at the push of a lever. Use it for everything from santizing dishes and pacifiers to making hot chocolate and tea. Never thought I’d use it as much as I do.


Instant hot water faucets are very convenient when you want a quick cup of tea or coffee. It helps a lot in all kinds of kitchen chores.