Waste King Coronado Hot Water Dispenser Combo Unit

Not only for your instant cup of tea or coffee, but also for efficient cutting the grease from greasy pans Waste King Coronado Hot Water Dispenser will be a good help.

The faucets are available in two finishes – satin nickel and chrome. Satin nickel is the most popular since it has somewhat greater ability to harmonize with most sinks and counter tops.

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H711 system inherits the renown quality of Waste King H710 offering even greater heating power of the water tank.

What users think

This is what users have said about this combo system – with satin nickel faucet in particular:

Seriously high quality faucet

The best thing you’ll ever add to your kitchen

Reported drawbacks

Some users report incomplete and contradicting installation instructions. When the temperature is set close to the highest, the faucet may sputter. In rare cases, some smell of the water has been reported.