Energy saving hot water dispenser with stainless steel tank

Ready to go hot water with lower energy consumption, neater look and higher temperature than other models. This is one of the most popular Insinkerator Involve series machines.

InSinkErator H-WaveSN-SS Involve Series Wave Hot Water Dispenser with Stainless Steel Tank, Satin Nickel

Pluses and minuses


  1. Serves up to 60 cups of hot water at 200 F per hour. The temperature is higher than many competitor products reach even with higher power and energy consumption.
  2. Elegant look. The faucet is elegantly designed. The tank, even though often hidden in the cabinet under the sink, has elegant look, too.
  3. Energy efficient. The amount of water is less than many other similar models claim to provide. But it is hotter. It does 200 degrees F while others often stay at max 190 F.
  4. We Come To You parts and labor warranty for 3 years. That means free house calls, including parts and labor, for the entire warranty period.
  5. Available in Satin nickel and Chrome finishes, among which Satin nickel is a little more popular because it is somewhat easier going with most sinks and countertops.

But be prepared that

  1. The price of InSinkErator H-WaveSN-SS Involve will be higher. Here you can check today’s offer on Amazon.
  2. There can be problems installing on thick counter tops because the shank extender adds to the diameter, and may not fit through the standard hole.
  3.  In some cases, water can smell plastic for the first cups. The smell is gone though in the next cups.

Do people like InSinkErator H-WaveSN-SS Involve?

How would you gauge how popular a faucet is? My favorite method is visiting Amazon.Com site. At the time of writing this, H-WaveSN-SS Involve hot water dispenser and tank have earned 4.5 out of 5 stars with 136 users having voted! That’s a good sign. So the risk is minimal.

But what do people have to say about this unit? Again you can read a lot of user reviews, both positive and negative, if you visit the product page on Amazon.Com.