Kitchen Faucet With Matching Bar Faucet

In a kitchen where there is enough space, a second faucet is an additional value. Typically we will see a pair of a kitchen and a bar faucet. They don’t even have to be from the same collection. But if you choose a coordinated style, it will certainly produce an effect.

Some of the greatest pairs of kitchen and matching bar faucets are featured here.

1. Delta Leland – the great bestseller with grandma’s teapot lines

This is an outstanding pair. Delta Leland has been an all time bestseller on Amazon. It is mostly due to its versatility and great looks.

Just notice that the bar faucet needs two holes for installation. Unlike many other bar faucets, the single handle of Delta Leland bar faucet is not integrated with the faucet body. It is installed separately.

Advantages of Delta Leland kitchen and bar faucets

– Great look with some retro tinge that adds to the homelike atmosphere

– Easy one handle operation

– Easy to use pull-down feature

– Magnetic sprayer docking

– Pull-down feature present also on the bar faucet

– A lot of matching items available in Delta Leland collection

Disadvantages of Delta Leland kitchen and bar faucets

– No touch free or touch sensitive function

– No pause function on the sprayer

2.  Moen Arbor with ultra flexible pull-down, and hands free model available

Moen Arbor is a well designed and versatile faucet. One of its main benefits is the ultra flexible ergonomic pull-down function. A nice thing to have is also the three function sprayer that includes also pause button.

Arbor faucet is available also in its Motionsense version which offers hands free operation. Then this pair would look like in the pictures below.

Please notice that the kitchen faucet here has two sensors. The one on the top will activate the faucet when you wave your hand over it. The same way, it will turn off.

The other sensor will be keeping the water on while you hold something under the faucet. Unfortunately, there is no hands-free bar faucet available, at least at the moment of writing this article.

3. Delta Trinsic – contemporary style minimalistic faucet pair

The non-sensitive version of Delta Trinsic kitchen and bar faucets

These are sleek minimalistic faucets, made to complement a contemporary house. Both faucets are equipped with pull-down sprayer and magnetic MagnaTite. Positive user feedback.

The touch sensitive version of Delta Trinsic kitchen and bar faucets

A special thing about this faucet is the availability of a touch sensitive pair. Yes, that’s a little special – both the kitchen faucet and the bar faucet are available in their touch sensitive versions. The below images feature the touch sensitive version of the Trinsic pair.

4. Delta Addison – Sea Shell Inspired Design

Another pair that is available both in their non-sensitive and touch sensitive version is Delta Addison. This faucet will complement most kitchen styles. The shape of Addison is rich in curvy lines. It makes the look of the Addison faucet more like a nature object. Delta Faucets describe this shape as sea shell inspired. And indeed, you can find something sea shell related in the pull-down spray head and the handle.

Non-sensitive version of Delta Addison kitchen and bar faucets

Touch sensitive version of Delta Addison kitchen and bar faucets


Delta Leland faucet

Delta Addison faucet

Moen Arbor Motionsense – video commercial