Magnetic Docking In Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

Magnetic docking systems have proved to be the most popular solution for keeping the sprayer precisely in its spout dock on pull-down kitchen faucets. It is because of the reliability and also the elegant click that marks the moment when the sprayer returns to its place.

Securing the sprayer firmly in its place was a problem in the early days of pull-down kitchen faucets. Different solutions were attempted, and the results became better and better as the flexibility of the hose and the precision of the spout dock improved. Good results were achieved by finding the optimal configuration and balance for the hose weight. Some faucets continue working precisely and reliably with only these components in place. Yet nothing can compare with the power and elegance of the magnetic docking systems.

Typically, the faucets have built in magnets not only in the sprayer but also in the spout dock. The poles of the magnets are adjusted carefully, too. The recommended way of detaching the sprayer is in many faucets just turning the sprayer until the magnets repel. In a good faucet, however, you will find the strength of the magnets balanced so precisely that a light pull will detach the spray head.

When exploring this system on a particular faucet, you may also need to test whether the spray head retracts all by itself or it requires assistance to find its way to the dock. There are faucet models that are capable of retracting the sprayer even from the full distance of being pulled out. Some others may require the spray head to be assisted to a certain proximity so that the magnetic force can capture it.

The magnetic docking system MagnaTite™ that is used in some outstanding Delta Faucet models, has contributed a lot to the popularity of those faucets. In user reviews, MagnaTite™ system has been praised more than any other feature. People like the way the sprayer returns in the dock and produces the confirmatory click in the end. It eliminates all the doubt about the correctness of the placement. Leland, Addison and Trinsic are just a few of the most loved Delta kitchen faucet collections that use this functionality.

Another system called DockNetik™ is used in Kohler kitchen faucets. It does a great job in combination with the user-friendly ProMotion™ flexible hose and ball joint. It has proved to be especially handy in Sensate hands-free kitchen faucet series.

Magnetic docking is just one of the innovative solutions in kitchen faucets that make the kitchen life a little bit easier.