Electric Tankless Water Heater – Energy Star Certified

Energy Star certified electric water heater

IMPORTANT: This heater requires 240V electric service

Rheem RTE 13 is an Energy Star certified electric tankless water heater. Energy star certification would generally mean 20% – 30% lower energy consumption than the federal standard.

It is highly recommended for Rheem RTE 13 to be installed professionally both for electricity and plumbing sides.

Rheem RTE 13 is also an Amazon bestseller, and has measurably good user ratings. It is sufficient for a small house and can be approximately described to handle a shower and a dishwashing sink.

Generally speaking, this water heater will be sufficient for a small family house. If installed properly, it will provide you with enough hot water for most occasions.

Other energy efficient electric tankless water heaters

Even though the Energy Star certification can give you some rough idea what to expect from the heater in terms of energy consumption, it seldom marks a critical difference from other highly efficient heaters that don’t hold this certification.

Here you have some other high efficiency electric water heaters.