Smart Kitchen Faucets And Sinks


I explore smart kitchen faucets, sinks and other kitchen equipment, and write my reports here.

Even the most basic faucet is cleverly engineered. It has many parts inside. Their successful interaction allows you to turn the faucet on, adjust pressure and temperature.

Brizo Bello kitchen faucet

A sink too is never just a sink. Human ingenuity has been used to find the right material, design the right angles and slopes. It is usually less visible than the faucet but still needs to be appealing to the eye. Yet there are also sinks that are made to be visible on purpose, like apron front sinks, for example.

But modern faucets go beyond of just being a faucet. Single handle operation is in itself a great invention. But if you add pull-out functionality, touch or hands free activation, you have a real clever helper in your kitchen. Such a faucet enables you to spend less time on the chores. It is also fun to have one of the advanced faucets in your kitchen.

More to that, a beautiful faucet can give a boost to the overall look and feel of the kitchen. In a team with a good sink, it can make the whole kitchen a better place.

My main interest is kitchen faucets with some special, a little more advanced or unusual features. I dig the available resources in a quest for evidence that they are reliable, and that the sophisticated solutions add some real value for the user. What I find, I will share with you.