Smart Kitchen Faucets

If you want to change only one thing to give your kitchen a new look and feel, I think that thing should be the faucet.

So what does a great kitchen faucet do?

Brizo Bello kitchen faucetA good kitchen faucet will make your kitchen more beautiful and the works more streamlined. Modern faucets can be very different.

Pull-down faucets will efficiently clean the sink and reach beyond when needed. Pull-out faucets will do the same, but they will, as a rule, be lower than the high goose neck shaped pull-down faucets.

Different functions can be combined. A pull-down faucet can be with or without magnetic docking, with or without hands free operation. Some popular faucets are touch sensitive. Pull-out faucets normally don’t need magnetic docking because the gravitation itself often holds the sprayer precisely in its seat.

A useful feature, especially for those who want to use the faucet for filling pails on the floor, is the pause button on the sprayer. Not all faucets have it, and not all need it. But it is nice to be able to pull the sprayer over the edge of the sink with the water flow halted.

Hands free kitchen faucets can be operated without even touching them. But they can still be equipped with all the popular functionality that we have in conventional faucets.

Very close to hands free operation is touch sensitivity. You can operate the faucet with a touch. A good touch on faucet can distinguish between touch and grip, and won’t turn the water on when you, for example, take the sprayer and use it.