Reliable Kitchen Faucet Does Not Have To Be Expensive

The night when the faucet broke off leaving a fountain beating right into the ceiling, I finally cared to find the valve that shuts the water off. A good thing to know just in case. There was a lot of cleaning and drying afterward. It would have been less if I had known how to stop the water.

From that point, I developed a strong dislike to faucets that may break off. I realized I wanted a faucet that I can depend upon and be proud of.

At first, I got dazzled by the enormous variety of kitchen faucets. I had not expected there were so many models and different functions. What I was looking for was just a faucet, massive, sturdy and, if possible, not too ugly. But what I saw there: pull-out and pull-down sprayers, touch sensitive and touch free operation, countless shapes and configurations, handle options, finishes! I might not have come to the right place! All I wanted was just an ordinary kitchen faucet.

Gradually, I became aware that there is no such a thing as a kitchen faucet in general. Every modern faucet has something that cannot be seen with naked eye. Judging only by appearance, it is nearly impossible to spot the right model.

I spent many hours over several days in research and started to feel a little like a faucet expert. Among the many things I learned, there were these:

  • A beautiful and reliable kitchen faucet with a lot of useful features does not need to be expensive.

  • It is mainly the design, much less functionality, dependability being in the last place that sets apart the high end faucets.

  • Parents of small children are particularly happy with touch sensitive versions.

  • A faucet needs to harmonize with the sink and overall kitchen d├ęcor.

  • Most faucets have lifetime warranty and are practically not to be worn out.

So I feel it would have been wrong to let the things I learned to go buried in the past when so many people could benefit from them. Either you are in for a profound remodeling of the kitchen or just changing the faucet, the experience and reviews found on may help you to come to a qualified decision much quicker.